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Membership application form. MS-WORD format / plain text format. Please download the Membership Application Form, fill it in, and send it to the Membership Secretary. The form may be sent digitally, for example as an e-mail attachment, or in paper form by conventional mail.

About membership. The Society welcomes individuals and organizations with a genuine interest in fungal conservation. The Society's Constitution provides for several categories of membership, but at present only that of Ordinary Member is available for those who wish to join. Each Member has one vote in respect of their membership. Organizations which are Members may select a representative from their own membership to cast that vote. Admission to membership requires the applicant to be recommended by two existing Members (in practice, applicants who do not know any existing Members can ask to be recommended by the Society's Membership Secretary and one other existing Member contacted through the Membership Secretary). Membership is provisional until approved by a meeting of the Society's Governing Committee or General Assembly. Individual Members and representatives of Members which are organizations are eligible to serve as Councillors, Delegates and Officers. For more details about the rights and responsibilities of Members, please consult the Society's Constitution.

Subscriptions. At present, there is no financial cost attached to being an Ordinary Member (but this will change at the end of 2012, when a system of subscriptions will be introduced).

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